Understanding the Connectivity of Portable Photo Printer with iPhone

Taking photos has become an essential thing of this era. But printing these photos is still an important task that when done properly enhances the overall glam of the pictures. A portable photo printer is an amazing creation that allows you to capture specific moments in your life and print photos anytime. Below are the steps on how to set up and use this portable printer for iphone.

Step 1: Ensure Battery Charging

To get started with the printing process, it is necessary to get everything ready. The battery of the printer is the most essential component to be ready and fully charged to avoid any disruptions. Most portable photo printers have the characteristic of having batteries within that must be charged to operate at peak efficiency. Charging of the printer should be done as recommended in the printer manual and also ensure the printer has enough charge to be used in printing.

Step 2: Availability of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

The steps you need to follow depend on the available connection types in your printer: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on your iPhone has to be turned on. Here’s how:

For Wi-Fi: First, switch on your phone’s Wi-Fi settings, this can be done by clicking the settings of the phone and then selecting Wi-Fi. Your iPhone will look for the existing networks.

For Bluetooth: To enable this feature, locate the settings on your device click on Bluetooth, and switch it on. Your iPhone will then start to search for available Bluetooth devices.

Step 3: How to Connect the Printer?

The next thing to do is to pair your iPhone to the printer through Bluetooth or any other compatible method. The method also differs depending on the connectivity of your printer, whether wired or wireless.

For Wi-Fi: Look for the printer’s Wi-Fi in the list of available Networks on your iPhone and select it. You can be asked to provide a password, which is usually provided by the manufacturer in the manual.

For Bluetooth: Sync the iPhone with the printer by choosing the name of the printer in the list of accessible Bluetooth devices. You may receive a confirmation request stating the pairing request.

Step 4: Open Printer App

Most portable photo printers have applications that are designed to improve the actual printing experience by offering other related options of image manipulation and preferences of the prints. Locate the printer app in the App Store and download it. If the app has a setup function or specific instructions on how to install the app, make sure to follow them.

Step 5: Print Your Photos

Once all the equipment is in place, it is time to go and take pictures that you want to print. Here’s how:

Open the Photo or Document: Launch the Photos app and find the photo or document you want to print or locate the specific app where the file is stored.

Use the Printer’s App: When the share menu appears, tap on “Print”. If you are using the printer application, open the application and then follow the instructions that guide you in selecting and printing your photo.


As a method of printing pictures from an iPhone, the use of a portable photo printer makes it easy and effective to convert your digital photos into physical prints. Here are the steps that you can follow to realize how to print quality photos on the go in a short while. Whether you are making a scrapbook, or you want to use the photos as gifts or just to keep a memorable moment, portable photo printers present a great way through which you can print the photos in the shortest time possible.



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