Why Salon Professionals Prefer Invisible 14-Inch Tape-In Hair Extensions for Their Clients

Hair stylists and salon professionals are in demand as more and more people visit them. Most of their clients want them to change their hairstyles by adding extra lengths and volume. One of the newest trends in the hair care and styling market is the invisible 14-inch tape-in hair extensions. These extensions are very advantageous as to why they are popular among stylists and their customers. Let’s delve into the article and explore more about 14 inch hair extensions.

Natural Appearance and Versatility

Tape-in hair extensions are preferred for their 14-inch invisibility, which makes them blend with natural hair. The “invisible” aspect relates to the extensions’ construction because it needs to make the tape become one with the client’s hair. This ability is an essential aspect of the work since it creates the appearance of natural hair and not a weave. Furthermore, the 14-inch length is also suitable as it offers enough length to produce a difference in the size of the busts but is not too long to be tangled or difficult to manage in different styles.

Quick and Easy Application

Hairdressers and other salon professionals like using tape-in extensions because of the convenience and the time that it takes to apply the extensions. This process requires the client’s natural hair to be placed in small sections and then placed between two tape-in wefts and can be applied without any additional tools or heat.

Gentle on Natural Hair

The major benefit of using tape-in extensions is that they cause minimal damage to natural hair. The extensions are also lightweight and do not weigh down the hair and scalp of the client thus causing minimal or no strain. The bond that is applied when installing the tape-in extensions is strong but also gentle to the hair, thus making sure that the extensions do not cause breakage or discomfort.

Long-Lasting and Reusable

Tape-in extensions are not only long-lasting but also can be used many times. These extensions can last for several weeks if well taken care of, hence economically affordable to clients. The extensions can be removed and installed again up to three times after the first installation, which is very beneficial for clients. This reusability is especially valued by environmentally friendly clients who use only organic and environmentally friendly products.

Customizable and Lightweight

Tape-in extensions are 14-inch strips that are virtually undetectable and can be cut into any number of strands, making them perfect for blending with the client’s natural hair and for creating the right degree of volume. This makes the customization to be perfect and to have a natural look like it was intended to be like that. In addition, the light weight of these extensions makes them wearable for everyday use, as clients can be guaranteed that their new hair addition will not cause them any discomfort.


Tape-in hair extensions are a new type of hair extension that has become popular in the recent past; it is an invisible 14-inch hair extension that is preferred by salon professionals due to its efficiency, versatility, and convenience to the clients. They are natural, non-slip, have a minimal effect on the natural hair, are reusable, and can be customized to suit the stylist’s desire, making them the preferred gloves for stylists who want to give their clients the best results. Since there is a growing trend of consumers seeking for natural looking and superior quality hair extensions, tape-in extension is set to gain more prominence.



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